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I was fortunate enough to catch Post Malone and Roddy Ricch for the first time and I don’t think I’ve been this excited to open an email. Post Malone being a Dallas native, this show surely was going to be one for the books. The Dickies Arena in Fort Worth was a venue that I have not been to yet so when I arrived, I was blown away by the size of the place. Shooting alongside some good friends, it was going to be a great night. Post is the 17th most listened to artist in the world right now according to Spotify and I was excited to experience why. Accompanied by Roddy Ricch, fans roll in and start to fill the seats. Let’s dive into it.

The stage was one of the more extravagant mazes I’ve had to navigate. With 3 runways for Post and Roddy to run all over, we found ourselves also, running around with cameras to get some shots – but that was one of the fun parts of the night. Won’t turn down a good challenge with a camera in my hand. The light production was incredible as well. He had halo spaceship looking light fixtures hanging over the stage that moved up and down making for some sweet environment photos with a huge LED screen in the background. There were points in the show where Post Malone got all up in the camera and all you saw was his head on the jumbo screen. It was hilarious.

A local Dallas DJ got the show started with some bangers and then Roddy Ricch came out on stage. Hip-hop hasn’t always been the forefront of my music tastes but I can appreciate a good song no matter the genre and Roddy definitely delivered on that. I would describe his set as very vibey and interactive. He got the crowd singing all the hits like any good performer does and everyone was vibing. Rocking Gucci like it’s nobody’s business, he was the wear for the occasion. He navigated the three catwalk like runways like a champ and gave everyone some attention. He ended his set with “The Box” and “Ballin” then the performance ended. Glad I got to spice up my experience with a new artist.

And now the moment everyone was waiting for, Post Malone. Being #17 on Spotify for monthly listeners just told me right away this was going to be one of the best shows of my life yet. We make our way out to the floor and ready ourselves with the schematic of where Post will be for the first 3 songs. I’m a little nervous but gave it my best shot. Lights drop, crowd cheers, and Post slowly rises on stage with all the fog imaginable creating a silhouette. He starts his 23-song set with “Reputation” and we were there. Running around this crowded floor was a fun challenge and he didn’t do exactly what we were told but oh well. Regardless, Post was all about interacting and shaking the hands of the fans in the crowd. He exuded pure happiness to be doing what he’s doing in his HOME state.

The production surrounding his whole performance was immaculate. The saucer moving lights with lasers pointing down on him created such a cool spacey feel. Made for some really dope photos as well. One of my favorite songs of the night was “I Fall Apart” because at one point he was on the ground screaming the lyrics with so much emotion. What was great about the entire performance was the fact that nearly all his songs are hits, so it was the perfect show to be at. I could go on forever, but this show was 11/10 in my book and stoked I was able to cover it.

James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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