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After a 4-year hiatus, Three Days Grace sizzled into History in Toronto for an epic show! Kicking off the night were The Standstills - Jonny Fox and Renée Couture with their newest addition bassist Brendan McMillan. Despite being together for over 10 years, they put on one of their most powerful performances yet to get concertgoers in the mood!  Having shot them several years ago when they opened up for Sebastian Bach I was prepared for the amazing drum looks that Couture provides.  I love when bands showcase the drummer so you can really experience their craft and Couture is amazing to watch.  The three-piece band had some great hooks featuring songs off their new album Shockwave. 

The Warning put on a show that I won't soon forget! Led by the powerful Daniela Villarreal Vélez, this three-sister trio from Mexico rocked an electrifying set full of hard rock and endless energy. Watching her shred guitar and own the stage with such ferocity was truly something special - there's no doubt in my mind they're destined for big things down the road. Get ready Lzzy Hale...these ladies are just getting started! With Daniela (Dany) on vocals, Paulina drumming and Alejandra masterfully playing bass guitar - this trio is one formidable force that even Metal giants Metallica couldn't resist; they invited them to be part of their Metallica Blacklist charity project in support of charities like All Within My Hands foundation and Save the Children. Midway through their set came a unique spin on classic heavy metal anthem "Enter Sandman"– feminine yet melodic it was easily recognizable as everyone's favorite METALLICA song! It doesn't stop there ladies bring killer catchy riffs backed by great stage performance - definitely energizing your next live experience

The crowd was electric as soon as the lights dimmed and a deafening chant for Three Days Grace echoed through the arena. Even before they made it to stage, their logo with two flaming hearts on each side of it filled up everyone's vision! Matt Walst had an intense stage presence - radiating energy while asking fans to get their fist in the air. Instantly, mosh pits started swirling around accompanied by surfers flowing in sea of raised hands.  I was ducking in between shots as arms and legs were flying Matt couldn't contain his excitement either and addressed 10-year anniversary since he joined Three Days Grace; thanking Toronto specifically who accepted him with open arms at one his first gigs ever back then!. Needless to say that Jiggy Walst aka party alter ego came alive too much cheering from every part!!

The rock band Three Days Grace gave fans an unforgettable show when they performed their 17-song set, featuring two acoustic renditions of 'The Highroad' and 'World So Cold.' As the venue lit up with special cell lights for these songs, drummer Neil Sanderson stepped away from his kit to tickle keys at the front end of stage!  Daniela from The Warning made a memorable appearance during their killer show - and I'm not just saying that! Every one of them was an absolute professional, making my job unbelievably simple. Not to mention the spectacular lighting display, which could easily have been featured on any stage in Vegas! My camera had its work cut out for it with all the awesome moments captured; narrowing down what I wanted to share was more difficult than usual. Enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed putting this fantastic performance together!  Nothing lights up a venue like the energy of an electrifying Three Days Grace show! On May 6, 2022 they gave fans even more to scream about with their newest studio album Explosions. With songs such as “So Called Life”, “I am the Weapon” and “Neurotic” already earning top spots on rock lists around the world, it was no wonder why Matt dedicated his speech before performing each track - giving insight into what inspired them. From expressing feeling lost in life (Neurotic) or missing loved ones far away (Lifetime), TDG had everyone singing along – phone's lit up across arena when Lifetime began playing creating an other-worldly atmosphere that will stay remembered forever by all who were there. Additionally proving yet again why they remain one of my absolute favorite live bands!





1.         Z

2.         Queen of the Murder Scene

3.         CHOKE  (with Barry Stock)

4.         MONEY

5.         Dull Knives (Cut Better)

6.         Enter Sandman (Metallica cover)

7.         ERROR

8.         DISCIPLE

9.         EVOLVE





1.         So Called Life

2.         Animal I Have Become

3.         Home

4.         Pain

5.         Break

6.         The Mountain

7.         I Am the Weapon

8.         Painkiller

9.         The High Road

10.       World So Cold

11.       Just Like You

12.       Neurotic

13.       The Good Life

14.       Lifetime

15.       I Hate Everything About You



16.       Never Too Late

17.       Riot



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Photojournalist - Toronto

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