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It had been 4 years since I last got to see the band Turnover and when I saw they would be back, I got extremely excited. Not only are they such a unique and different kind of band, but they also just so happen to be one of mine and my wife’s favorite bands. Album to album, they change the game and surprise us all so having 2 new albums out since we last saw them was making for a great night already. Joined by the bands Video Age and Temple of Angels, it was looking to be one for the books at Tulips in Fort Worth, Texas that night.

Temple of Angels got the show started and I was already super down with the very ethereal vibe they were putting out on stage. Very much a sit down and relax type of music that I’d say the crowd was really into as the house began to pack in. The cool part about them was the switch between lead singer and drummer singing vocals on songs. Made it pretty niche all things considered. As Texas natives, I’m sure I will be seeing more of them.

Following them were New Orleans based group, Video Age. Already based on the name of the group, I knew we were going to get some very retro sounding tunes, and we were right. The upbeat tunes were a real vibe setter. Song to song, they never caught you off guard, rather they eased you into a cool headspace. I liked that each member’s instrument was carved out in each song. You could really tell they all played a pivotal piece of the instrumentation. Video Age is one of those bands you out on when you’re driving down the road with the windows rolled down. Can’t wait to see them again.

Lastly, Turnover was about to hit the stage. We were all excited to hear the new jams but in all honestly, we needed some Peripheral Vision tunes in our lives. We knew it was coming but we’ll get to that in a minute. The band walks out and Austin, their lead vocalist, was full head of hair and a huge beard different than the last time we saw him. Almost didn’t recognize him but I was digging the new look. He was on guitar and keys this time around and looked like it was going to be a sweet set up. We were off to the races.

The thing I really enjoy about Turnover is that they are quiet and to the point with their music. On stage there was minimal chatter but many thanks for supporting the opening bands and them over the years. They take being ethereal to a whole new level with these new songs and happy to finally hear “Tears of Change” live since the new album drop. They went through the newer song and then pivoted to songs from Peripheral Vision and the crowd went wild. “Dizzy on the Comedown”, “Cutting My Fingers Off”, and more bangers were played. The whole set was immaculate and I’m looking forward to the next time they are in town!



James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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