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If Sophie Powers isn’t yet a major star, she soon will be.

On December 8th, Powers was the second in a three-act bill also featuring Extra Large Holiday Card and headliners Wicca Phase Springs Eternal at the venue 1720 in downtown Los Angeles. She took the stage leading off with “Clearview”, her collaboration with UK artist NOAHFINNCE.

The Canadian teen is completely confident on stage, morphing between copping a punk rock attitude and exhibiting true vulnerability while singing sitting cross-legged on the floor.

She had no problem interacting with the audience, leaning in to make eye contact. Sophie asked the crowd if the liked they outfit she designed and then she asked if they would buy it. Speaking of which, Powers came out wearing a Targaryen-colored wig with long braids and a green and white two piece. 

She bounced. 

She twirled.

She sat.

She seemed very much the teenage-performer she is, even though her strong lyrics belie her age. 

And then something happened. 

As part of her set list, Sophie Powers covers “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana. All of a sudden, the bouncing teenager disappeared. Hugging herself disappeared. Cute disappeared. Fierceness took over. Her voice raged. 

Sophie Powers showed her range. She showed her cross-genre abilities. The kind of abilities that make someone a star.



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  • Heart Shaped Box
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