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If you’ve never dabbled in the genre of indie-folk-pop, the best way to do so is by attending a show by The 502s and Oliver Hazard. Boy was I in for quite the surprise that night in Dallas – a GREAT one at that. I live in the hardcore world but keeping things a little spicy is never a bad thing in my opinion. I gave them a listen beforehand and def vibed to the sound. I started looking forward to the night after that. Let’s jump into it.

Arriving at The Studio at The Factory in Deep Ellum, I checked in, and did the usual prior to the first set drink to get the juices flowing, and then watched everyone pile in. Oliver Hazard was up first, and I was more so excited to see their set because their music reminded me a lot of Judah and The Lion, who I’m really into. They take the stage, and the crowd cheers them on. They start out their set and we were off to the races. Being a little unfamiliar with all of the songs, I didn’t have any specifics I was looking forward to hearing and was there to just take it all in. Sometimes that is the most exciting way to experience a band. A few that stood out were “Ballerina” and “Dandelion”. Excited to see them again and definitely added to my Spotify rotation.

And onto the sensations that are The 502s, and when I say sensation, that is 100% true. I wasn’t ready for what I was about to witness. I was chatting with the other photographer, and she mentioned they were incredible and to get ready for an awesome performance. I set up and boom, they hit the stage running. Out the gate, we had a wonderful saxophone thrown in the mix with a clarinet switched in and out the entire set. The energy was flowing through the whole room and the crowd was all about it. Whether it was synchronized dancing and jumping to kazoo solos, The 502s brought it all. Talk about being blown away the entire time – and there was no slow down. It was an hour of pure coordinated chaos. Unlike most shows I attend, and it made the experience that much better. If you want one hell of a time, don’t miss this tour when it comes to a city near you. 10/10!

James Coffman

Photojournalist - Dallas

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