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The indie-pop group Arlie played at the Teragram Ballroom this past weekend.  They rocked the house and brought the Arlie name to the city of angels. Arlie is known for upbeat, groovy, fashionable instrumentals which are bound to make your body move and groove. 

Arlie has been a band I have been following for years, being able to watch them perform some of my favorite songs was awe-inspiring. The band opened with a classic of theirs, “Tossing and Turning”. Which brought a lively spirit to the Teragram Ballroom, and paired with lead singer Nathan’s angel wings and heavenly makeup, gave the audience a glimpse of what the night might entail.

One thing I can say about this show is that Arlie brought the stamina to an all time high. The night was filled with moments ranging from tender to rugged. Audience participation, instrument changes and anecdotes about the band gave the night a personal touch from Arlie. The group has a killer sound, and the group of 5,  including Nathaniel Banks as the lead singer, Michael Salabrino on guitar, Luke Saison on bass, Aaron Umberger on drums, and Ella Mine on keys, have a clear teamwork amongst them to create their music. At one point lead singer Banks opened up and shared how the other members of Arlie help ease his perfectionism and show how the song “can be perfect in ways I [Banks] could never see”.

This group is exceptional at a very important aspect of live performances - flair. Boy, do they nail the flair. The tour was presented as the Arlie’s Angels Tour, which was expanded upon by setting the stage as the sky, having elaborate angel costumes, and paired with their already elated tone, brought the audience into a heaven of Arlie’s creation. Take a glimpse for yourself and listen to Arlie’s new single “takeaway”.

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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