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The Observatory held a show on Saturday for a range of genres. The show opened with a group called Flying Machine, an extremely alternative group with a sound akin to classic rock. Next on the agenda was Yot Club, indie chillout bedroom pop familiars. The night concluded with headliners Skegss, Australian garage rock kings.

The group Flying Machine opened the night and riled the crowd unlike any other. Their high energy was a spark that would ignite the flame of the night. Flying Machine, also from Australia, had a very unique sound akin to something out of the “scream-o” genre. Their effect on the crowd was noticeable and by the time Yot Club was to enter the stage the crowd was hooked.

Yot Club was the peak of my night. They brought a more mellow tone to The Observatory, and had some of the grooviest tracks. The foremost part of Yot club was getting to hear the bass-line live. My highlights from their setlist were “Japan” and “YKWIM?”, which both feature Yot Club’s ability to draw the audience into the bass and rhythm of a song. Yot Club is the perfect chillout music which stood out from the other bands to perform throughout the night, their signature echoing heavy noise was brought to life through the Observatory as fans shouted requests for their favorites.

Capping off the night was Skegss, the surf rock group from Australia who packed a heavy punch. The group has a dynamic range of music. Almost a mix between the intensity of Flying Machine with the catchyness of Yot Club. It was clear that the audience had been anticipating Skegss for the entirety of the night, and by the time they took stage, the crowd was already surfing and riding atop one another to the front of the venue. The security guards on either side of me had their work cut out for them that night.

The night entailed a variety of fans, genres, and moods. All in all The Observatory was stimulated with Australian and American tunes, rock and indie alike, giving fans a night to remember. 

Kade McKenna

Photojournalist - Denver

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