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Friday, 16 August 2019

LA Weekly - Picks Hunnypot as Best Music Show of the Week...

Hunnypot Live in LA Weekly!

With her new single, “Scorpio,” Emma Charles manufactures intriguing atmosphere with little more than her guitar and subdued embellishments by producer/multi-instrumentalist Doug Schadt. At the center of the song is the Connecticut native’s quavering voice, which flutters upward serenely through the loneliness and darkness like a beam of radiant light. Charles’ yearning observations about “being on the cusp of Scorpio” are made memorable by a cycling, breathy chorus and subtle hints of romantic mystery. Her 2018 single, “Comfort in the Chaos,” is an aptly titled folk-pop reverie in which Charles’ lulling vocals spin a gentle web that keeps the outside world at bay for a spell. She appears at the Mint’s Hunnypot series, which includes sets from Chris Truent, Down North, and Cheer Up Club. - Falling James

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