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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Alicia Yang Hunnypot Live Testimonial

The Hunnypot Live community at The Mint has been an absolutely warm, fun, creative and uplifting biweekly that I have had the honor to be apart of. As a music supervisor networking event, each night is carefully curated to have musicians/bands/artists that are on the cutting edge of music showcase their talents.

What the Hunnypot crew has done is create a place for artists, music-lovers and any curious onlookers to come and congregate and celebrate music and artistic expression. There is a mingling of the occasional label and manager that artists come by, but in its purest form, all have come to hear organized and unorganized notes that make bodies move and hearts thump.

All genres of music can be heard at Hunnypot Live. So many great bands and artists have been discovered by new fans. It is a platform that has brought together music enthusiasts to their highest place. It's importance lies in live performance which has been utterly replaced by YouTube and online videos. It brings a community that cares about music together to listen to and discover music together.

-Alicia Yang

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