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Wednesday, 06 November 2019

DATA News Weekly - Hunnypot Live Halloween Party (10-28-19)

Frequent Hunnypot Live guest Dionne "Diva" Character did a nice write up of our Halloween party show in Data News Weekly.

Party goers came out in full Halloween to celebrate with Hunnypot Live at The Mint LA for its annual Halloween costume party on Monday, October 21st hosted by Hot Tub Johnnie who has given Los Angeles 19 years of spinning on and off stage. One of LA's favorite DJ,s who has proven to be very influential in the world of entertainment, we can count on Johnnie and his crew to get the party started every other Monday of the week, brining us a lineup of new artists who are making noise in and out of Los Angeles.

Tonight, New Orleans was in the building with my fam Jordan Character AKA J. Character Music which after releasing his hit song "Ariel" on iHeart in Atlanta GA during the A3C festival is taking his career to the west coast.

Character is part of the new generation where artists are earning college degrees while pursuing their dreams in music. He graduated Magna Cum Laude earning a degree in international studies. His career as a rapper took off after performing in Chengdu while pursuing a modeling career in Shanghai. Characters music has proven to be diverse with collaborations with artists from China, London, and Africa. Breaking language barriers, Character in intertwining Chinese and English in his lyrics creating his own sound like those from New Orleans seldom do, setting themselves apart when it comes to music. Tonight also featured Munii Mu who collaborated with J. Character, Binx and Bonavega.

Seems like the front door has been left wide open for this new generation of music, as New Orleans artists are on the rise taking their southern roots to the spotlight introducing the birthplace of Jazz and Funk to more genres such as Bounce, Rap, and Soul. With recognition from BMI and BET, the city of New Orleans embraces its culture of music featuring 5th Ward Weebie, Dee 1, Big Freedia, who are changing our sound on a global level, bringing us closer to the bright lights of Hollywood with collaborations with Beyonce and Drake proving that we bring that Gumbo to all platforms and stages when it comes to music.

To listen to the audio of the full show go here.  

Written by Dionne "Diva" Character

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