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Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Little Brother - Black Magic (Make It Better)

"We don't know if we are even gonna do another Little Brother album at this point." It's been over ten years since Rapper Big Pooh told that he and his remaining Little Brother member Phonte wanted to focus on their own solo projects. Since then, Rapper Big Pooh and Phonte have collaborated with multiple creative projects, but this year's reunification of the group has amassed a collective excitement from both patient fans and the music industry as a whole.

Critically acclaimed North Carolina hip-hop duo Little Brother have something to say in their latest video for single "Black Magic" featuring Madison McFerrin. Phonte kicks the track off with a prideful proclamation: "Black skin, black faces, black people make black magic". The duo begin to reflect on the times, from questioning whether new rappers only care about accumulating clout to solidarity with the African-American community amidst police brutality and violence. They also reassure their audience that they have been doing just fine throughout their time apart. Phonte explains that he's been "ASCAP'in" (collecting royalties) and Rapper Big Pooh, though a little disgruntled with the lack of recognition whilst hustling in the industry, says he's happy with the simple things in life: "I'm still focused on the goal and not what's hangin' on the walls / Listen, all I need is the sports channel / And a glass of your finest red, you feel me?"

With scenes of festivities, friendly faces, and a backdrop that spells out "GOOD TIMES", it's clear that Little Brother want to create a sense of love and community. The single's production is a warm throwback to the poetic core of underground hip-hop, and in this new world of uncertainty and division, Little Brother are on a mission to put the pieces back together through the power of music.

-Marina Sakimoto



Written by  Marina Sakimoto
Last modified on Wednesday, 18 September 2019