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Album Review: Sky Cries Mary - Thieves and Sirens

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Seattle based Sky Cries Mary is back after recently reforming thanks to original band members Roderick Wolgamott and Ben Ireland. The result is another fantastically engineered album produced in part by Jack Endino. And while the band's major influences are industrial the overall sound on Thieves and Sirens is reminiscent of post and proto punk like The Stooges. As a further example you may remember Sky Cries Mary for their song "Shipwrecked" from the film Tank Girl; a moody tune that sounds somewhere in between Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground" and Souixsie and the Banshees "Kiss Them For Me." 
Thieves and Sirens begins with lush production in the form of multi-dimensional layers of sound in either ear. "Sirens" expands upon that experimentation, sounding like something out of Hendrix's Electric Ladyland. "Bath House" has almost a dirge feel with a great drum build and subtle sonic textures over that. "Can't Stand It" too is an exciting immersive experience, definitely improving upon the jangly garage rock sounds of the original by Velvet Underground. While the lyrics on "Suitcase" remind, "Dance to remember/dance to forget" two things are certain: The song is absolutely danceable and the album unforgettable.  
"War Song" goes back to more of an acoustic sound and a lovely melodic riff that is mirrored with interspersed guitar. Clapping is integrated into the mix for a bit of percussion on the chorus chant of, "War is over! Lay down your arms!" The album undeniably has a theme with songs like "Devil's Chord" and my favorite track from the album, "Prayers and Curses." This one has a big sound nearly comparable to a mid-90s R.E.M. with a killer lead guitar solo that shifts into a psych rock breakdown. This is also similar to the song structure of the punky "Ugly Stick" which is quite simply stereo blasting music. 
Thieves and Sirens is to be released as a cd and vinyl in late 2018. 
-Brooke Trout
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