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Walking in to the House of Blues on Saturday night, I was unsure what to expect from three bands that I loved during my younger years as a teen here in Southern California. Billed as Sirius XM’s Hair Nation Tour, one would expect to be immediately swept back to the heyday of the Sunset Strip courtesy of MC Eddie Trunk along with 80's heavyweights Enuff Z’ Nuff, BulletBoys, and Jack Russell’s Great White.  What I walked away with after the show was a profound sense of respect and continued admiration for the same three bands that took the stage that evening – each demonstrating in their own way that rock and roll is alive and well in America today.

Here is a quick recap from each of Saturday’s performances:

Enuff Z’Nuff – Are you fucking kidding me?  This band is legendary.  They made their bones in the 80’s with classics like “New Thing” and “Fly High Michelle”, but their latest release Diamond Boy is out of this world.  Chip’s vocals and basslines throughout their opening set were spot on, and the latest incarnation of this band (consisting of Tony Fennell and Tory Stoffregen on Guitar and Dan Hill on Drums) took it to a whole new level in Anaheim.  Can’t wait to see them again soon here in So Cal!

BulletBoys – As a young kid back in 86’, I thought Marq Torien was the second coming of David Lee Roth and still think the guy is one of the greatest (and most underrated) vocalists in rock today. Add in Nick Rozz on Guitar, Chad McDonald on Bass, and Anthony “Tiny” Biuso on Drums, and you have all the ingredients necessary for a non-stop party – and party it was on Sunday night. Classics like “Hard as a Rock”, “Smooth Up in Ya”, and “For the Love of Money” sounded just as good as they did when I first heard them live opening for Poison in 1991.  I fucking love these guys!

Jack Russell’s Great White – Before you give me shit about it not being the real, “Great White” – stop.  Most (if not all bands) from this era have had some roster changes over the years, and Great White was no exception.  However, Jack Russell was (and still is) the voice of Great White and brings the classics to life in a way that few artists from that era can do today.  Jack’s band (consisting of Guitarists Robby Lockner and Tony Cardenas, Bassist Dan McNay, and Drummer Dicki Fliszar) absolutely killed it in Anaheim and took no prisoners during their 16-song set.   From the opening salvo “Desert Moon” to encore “Face the Day”, Jack played his heart out for the capacity crowd and left no doubt why he is so revered in the world of rock today.

By all accounts, my experience at Sirius XM’s Hair Nation show far exceeded expectations and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to experience good old-fashioned rock and roll music at its best. Performances by Enuff Z’Nuff, BulletBoys, and Jack Russell’s Great White were simply incredible, and breathed life into a genera of music that many had passed off for dead so many years ago.  I’m hoping that this simple tour might be the rebirth of something bigger down the road that showcases the 80’s bands that we all know and love. Eddie Trunk and XM Radio, are you listening?

Stay Frosty and Rock On!!  

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Matthew Belter

Executive Editor - Long Beach

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